Media and Advertising

Remember the days…

I remember the days when radio and television sales representatives would come by my office and try to convince me to put them on 100% of the broadcast buy.  They knew I was working on a local media buy for: General Motors, Kohls, Ameritech, etc. and getting the largest percentage of the budget on their local station was so important, that they went through great lengths to convince me that they were correct.

In my previous life I was a media buyer, and my job was to find ways to allocate a media budget across broadcast mediums. The selection set was very limiting, because you only had network television, cable and radio.  These were the days prior to making banner purchases on the internet, but that’s coming up next.

I remember getting a media avails from the media planner, with the goals such as:  a particular gross impressions that need to be reached, a desirable cost per point, reach, frequency, dayparts, rotations, etc.  You get in front of your computer and input numbers in systems such as:  #Strataview, #IMS, #Donovan, just to figure out the most efficient way to make the buy work.  You send the avails to your television or radio representative firms:  #InterepRadioStore, #KatzMedia, and countless others firms that I no longer remember.

Once the buy was complete, the information was loaded into the systems and on to the next round of negotiations.  That was a world not so long ago.  That was a world, where metrics were simple, return on investment was a rather simple concept to understand. That was a world, when Broadcast Advertising Parties were the thing to do.  That was the world, before digital took over.

Remember the days…